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Welcome to Bali

Enjoy your vacation to Bali with TIKA BALI TOUR and get a special vacation package from us that have been packaged in a variety of options at your convenience. Hopefully with our presence here can make your trip to Bali. We will always try to give the best by continually improving the service / services to all loyal customers TIKA BALI TOUR.

For those of you who just want to know about Bali, here also has provided some important articles related to Nature, the daily life of the people of Bali, tourist attraction in Bali, Tradition & Culture and a few other articles that may increase your knowledge about Bali.

Get special offers also from our other activities, such as:

1. Charter Hire Car or Car with driver including car

Type of car we had prepared, among others; New Suzuki APV, Toyota Kijang Capsule, Kijang Innova, ELF Isuzu, Daihatsu Xenia and Other according to your needs. All cars conditioned and includes driver & fuel.

2. Package Tour Options.

As we know, Bali received an award as the most beautiful island in the world. Because it is in Bali there are so many interesting attractions to visit. Hence, here we prepared a package tour includes entrance fee tourism, transport and guide service AC.

3. Rafting and Adventure Tour (Special Order).

This was one of the most exciting adventures in Bali. Enjoy the beautiful view of the river Ayung or Telaga Waja which each has its own challenges.

4. Other activities (Package Options Tour).

BALI TOUR TIKA also has contracts with several other companies such as Odyssey Submarine, Sea Walker, Water Sport, Elephant Safari, etc with a very low price.

5. Special Tour Package.

TIKA BALI TOUR Vacation Package also provides  affordable  and on-demand service  with professional and competitive prices.



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