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Kintamani and Batur


The sources that mention of Batur is Lontar USANA Bali and Lontar Raja Purana Batur. Pura Batur mentioned that already existed since the time of the Mpu Kuturan(holy man) in tenth century until the beginning of 11th century. The vastness of the area and the number of pelinggih-pelinggih(temple) then estimated that the Pura Batur is Penyiwi (the beginning)kings who ruled in Bali, as well as a Kahyangan Jagat(universal temple). Pura Batur as the Goddess Danu temple, is mentioned in Balinese USANA Lontar translated as follows:

Is the story, happened in the month of Marga Sari (month-to-V) when Krishna Force (Tilem) there is  Bethara Pasupati in India are transferring summit of Mount Meru is divided into two, held by the left and right hand and then brought to Bali is used as the Son he is sthana Bethara Putrajaya (Hyang Supreme Deity) and peaks that brought his left hand into Mount Batur as sthana Goddess Danuh, both that as ulunya island of Bali. Both mountain is a symbol and Pradana Purusa elements of Sang Hyang Widhi. Pura Batur is a Hindu cult place throughout Central Bali Bali in particular, North and East plead in the field of safety rice field. Hence, in the revered saint who fell in Purnamaning to X (kedasa) all the people, especially in all kelian subak(agricultural officer), sedahan-sedahan(next level)  come to Pura Batur to offer “Suwinih”. So if there’s disaster pests.

Identification and attractiveness

Name Batur area attractions tailored to the existing potential of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Pura Batur name comes from the name of Mount Batur which is one of the Temple in heaven Sad Villagers Emong by Batur. Before the eruption of Mount Batur in the year 1917, Pura Batur at the foot of Mount Batur Southwest.

As a result of damage caused by the eruption of Mount Batur, then Pura Batur with villagers moved in place now. The remains frozen lava is black, rose up Mount Batur, Lake Batur blue shade, is an attraction for every visitor. From Penelokan can see blue Lake Batur and foaming waves that accompanied the driver pulled over boat while serving tourists and the general passengers in each crossing of the Village to Village Trunyan Kedisan. The fishermen are also coloring activity in fishing Lake Batur’s fish and  sell their catch at the market town of Bangli, so in Bangli known of satay, which is typical of food Bangli regency.

Tourism Object Batur Region Batur located in the village, Kintamani District Level II Regional District Bangli. sea surface temperatures in  cool air during the day and cold at night. This tourism object can be passed with a motor vehicle, because it connects the city location Bangli and Singaraja city. As for the route object, Object linking tourism with the Tourism Regions  Batur , Besakih and  Tampaksiring.

At Batur Area attractions available parking, restaurants, restaurants, lodging, toilets, telecom shops and stalls drinks and snacks. Public transport facilities and transport crossings are also available.

Sightseeing Batur crowded area visited by foreign tourists and archipelagic. Visits are most prominent around August, December, while welcoming the New Year and New Year atmosphere. Similarly, in the days Galungan, Idul Fitri and Christmas Day, even frequented by visitors both from the central state and guests from abroad.

Package Tour

Kintamani Tours

only: Rp.350.000, -/car

strating: 08.30 am

including: car, driver, and petrol


Batubulan: The Barong and Kris Dance, sandstone carving

Celuk: The center of gold and silver work

Sukawati: Art market with its various crafts

Goa Gajah: Prehistoric Temple, built in 11th century

Looks Siring: Empul Tirta Temp; e and the presidential palace

Kintamani: view of mount Batur, and its beautiful lake while having lunch

Ubud: The village of Painter

enjoy your tour with us … ..



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